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Lake Como is a dream. Seriously, if you haven't been there, or maybe you want to get married there, PLEASE do it (and bring us!!) Its beauty is otherworldly, and it was the perfect place for Masha and Chris to say I do. No joke, this wedding was insane. Tears galore. Boats, bread, wine, pasta, limoncello - oh limoncelloooooo! The bestman's speech may have inspired us to try for a brother for Jax too... #notevenkidding




Daisy and Andy, the true representation of what it means to be a team - the ultimate complementary relationship. Opposites in many ways, these guys just fill in each other's blanks so easily and seamlessly, it is like they were made to bring the best out in one another. Being in this Italian oasis with them and their A-team was truly magical.




This film is magic. I don't really even know what to say, other than please watch it - it will make you feel happy, it will make you laugh, it will almost certainly make you cry, and it will reaffirm your belief in love and forever.

This is a beautiful story, filled with beautiful people - not just on the outside, either. Weddings are about the people, about embracing the day - everything that happens - the silly less than perfect moments, the word stumbles, the happy accidents, the real tears, the rawness of the emotions, and the absolutely pure unimaginable joy felt by two people.. #justpressplay




Remembering this week, with these people brings nothing but joy to us instantly. To say that they welcomed us into the fold is an understatement - we were instantly part of the group, and had a bond of friendship from the moment we met. Add in their friends, family and Vince's three rad (and handsome) sons, and their two dogs, and it was like a big family vacay we were all on together. It started on a Lake, and finished on a mountain... this story is special. #getustoalake




Watching Chris and Caroline together with their amazing friends and family was so much fun - they invited us to share in everything with them, and it really was an experience we will never forget. The whole trip was incredible, and it ended with the best firework show over the ocean... and yes, we flew the drone during the fireworks, and it was amazzzzzzinnggggggg! #doanythingfortheshot




The kind of love, respect and admiration these two have for each other is remarkable. It actually makes me wonder if they have ever had a fight, because they are THAT perfect together, and it doesn't surprise me that they love so beautifully, as their parents are all kinda the greatest humans on the planet. Let's just say, this group of people have it figured out, and we are so lucky to be a part of it. This is officially one of my favorite weddings ever - intimate, emotional, fun, and sooooo beautiful. Guys, you killed it! #cryingjustthinkingaboutit




This wedding is so sweet. A very intimate wedding in Mexico that is so thoughtful and well suited to these two people. Both living their lives in the spotlight, it was almost extra special that they almost ran away to get married in front of a handful of their closest friends. In that company, they truly came alive - they whole-heartedly connected with this event and most importantly, with each other. #sheputtheXOinmexico 




Tacos, tequila and tears. If you are going to

watch this one, you may need a tissue at the

ready! Oscar and Jeni's love for each other is incredible - they took an amazing journey to

find each other, and we got to tell it - in a

beautiful surf town in Mexico. Oh and yes,

that is Maria dancing in a taco costume in

the film. #standard




Well, Bora Bora what can we say... other than we wish every single day that we could go back! Chris and Erin had a super personal, once in a lifetime wedding on the private Sofitel island and we were super happy that we not only got to shoot their elopement story, but also experience it with them. Oh and to thank them, we made them jump of a dock fully clothed. #hireus 




Allie and Tom met in 5th grade, at 10 years old. And that was kinda it - the Universe knew that these two were meant for each other, and continued to keep them together or near enough through their entire lives. By each other's sides in the best and worst of times. They are an extension of one another - they are best friends, truly. Flash forward to their wedding week in Portugal - 2 ceremonies, tequila and all the tears. #AdoptUsPlease




One sure way to never forget your wedding anniversary, is to get married on your birthday! That's how it went down for Willem and Brittany... and it is also pretty memorable when your beautiful wife organizes a cake, birthday dance and glitter canon. Cue some of the best dance moves ever seen at a party. #turndownforwhat




Miami and a wedding that was SO stylish even Karl Largerfeld himself might crack a smile. Matt and Gabby are utterly perfect together and so effortlessly cool, it hurts. With some amazing friends and family around them, we danced long into the night on the rooftop the Raleigh penthouse. #weloveourjob




Crete saw us make another set of life long friends in Mark and Sooz. They are so in love and treated us like family from the second we met them. As Mark is Polish... this basically means plying you with cherry vodka until you pass out. After stealing them away for some epic photos in a rad abandoned building, they then decided to re-enter their wedding reception on a quad bike, because, well, why not? #yolo




Misha and Priscilla are our spirit animals. These two are simply awesome, and aside from the most epic poem reading ever, Misha's entrance into the building for his first dance was THE best ever. Zero thanks for making me do Tequila shots all night with you though, Misha. #professional




We got to see the beautiful side of the Balearics with Mickey and Natalie. They have one of the most real and honest love's that we have ever seen. They also tried to out dance us at Pacha (but we for sure won). #sorrynotsorry


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